I'm happy returning back to the US. The trip was better than Marina expected (she was afraid of going to Israel). 

In fact, the first part (Limra hotel, Kemer, Antalya) was nice. I would recommend this hotel/resort to people who want to relax and forget about everything. The sea beach is good enough (no sands, but a lot of tents and beach chairs), and the sea is wonderful. Food is good enough too - for many different tastes. The hotel is 50 km from AYT, and the taxi costs 60-80 euro. The Turkish agency (Novista) promised to provide local transportation between AYT and the hotel, but they did not keep this promise. There were a lot of tourists from Russia there, so if somebody wants to speak to 'real' Russians, this place is worth visiting. 

The second part (Dan Panorama hotel, Haifa) was also good enough. We did not expect anything extraordinary from this part. The situation in Israel was relatively calm, and the weather was hot. 

BTW, the I(nternational) C(omfort) hotel (~1 km from AYT) is very comfortable, so if somebody wants to stay close to the Antalya airport, this hotel is the best choice. 

The only problem was Turkish Airlines itself. It seems like they don't obey the schedule, so the passengers may wait for hours without being provided with any reliable information. You are relatively lucky, if you are waiting inside the terminal, because the air conditioning works good enough there. If the flight is delayed after the boarding is completed, and you are waiting inside the plane, you may think about Nazi gas chambers - no air conditioning before the plane takes off, and the outside temperature is near 100 F. 

In the whole, the trip was successful. Thank you very much for your help ! Please, send our thanks to Mehmet Dervis. The air tickets and the hotel voucher arrived in time.

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