If you already seen major sites, or this is not your first time in Venice, we can arrange these SPECIAL EXPERIENCES.

Venetian Insider
What a way to explore Venice! Meet your guide at the lobby of your hotel and together head towards both the highlights and the hidden spots of Venice. Start with the Rialto Market, where you’ll smell some fresh fish and see some exotic veggies. Continue on a gondola traghetto to cross the grand canal, sneak into one of the Palaces on the Grand Canal and learn how Venice’s really built. Enjoy a stroll off the beaten track into the backyard of Venice where you’ll visit an ancient church and, just like Venetians do, enjoy a bite with the famous Spritz, the venetian drink that opens appetites for centuries.

Rowing Like Venetians
Riding a gondola in Venice is a once in a lifetime experience. Join your personal assistant at the lobby of your hotel and together hop on your private motor boat to where the rower and his hand rowed boat is. You’ll then get on a wooden boat with your master gondolier and have a one and a half hours of riding through the narrow canals of Venice as well as through the Grand Canal. Learn how to row like venetians do - standing, and at the end of your experience, rejoin your personal assistant to go back to the city center by foot, enjoying some hidden corners of this marvelous city.

Renaissance Art Tour
Join your guide and your Venetian Antique Dealer to this amazing experience of exploring Renaissance with an expert. First hop on your private motor boat to get to the area of San Polo, get to see the development of the Renaissance through the biggest of names: Bellini, Titian and Tintoretto. Learn the stories behind the history and get to recognize the difference between one artist and another. Later, pay a visit to San Rocco Fraternity, where Tintoretto is the sole artist and, along with your guide and the Art Expert, enjoy a conversation about art and about history, over a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

Art Shopping
Join your art consultant and your guide and together enjoy a stroll in the best shops of Venice. Upon your liking and
requests, we will take you to those shops in Venice where you can still find authentic art pieces for reasonable prices. Your personal art expert will advise you on shopping.

Modern Art Tour
The Guggenheim Museum and Cà Pesaro Museum both host some very important flags of the 20th Century art. Along with a Guggenheim’s Consultant and a former curator of the Biennale of Venice, you will visit those museums, enriching this way your knowledge about art and about European tendencies in the 20th century. You will be accompanied from your
hotel, with a water limo, to the Guggenheim Museum, and from there, again by a private water limo, to the Cà Pesaro Modern Art Museum. After the visits enjoy a glass of Prosecco with the Modern Art Expert and with your guide over a nice
conversation about arts of our century.

Shopping Tour
Along with your guide enjoy a walk through the best artisans shops in Venice. Meet the locals and shop for those special things you can't find anywhere else. Get the best prices when possible and, upon request, pay a visit to the private lounge of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, the outspoken shopping area of Venice.

For teenagers: Instagram Tour with local teenager
What a cool way to tour Venice without the parents. If you’re a teen 14-19 and you’re into Instagram, this is the best way to explore the hidden spots. Meet your Venetian teenager and spot the best spots in town. See beauty and capture some rare pics with your Venetian instagrammer new friend and together stop for a gelato in yet another cool place to snap.

For kids and their parents
Along with your guide, we'll head to Venice's most beautiful area - Castello! In this fun tour, we'll learn about Vivaldi and about his music, about the Doge and his role, about wars, pirates and ships. We'll be soldiers and we'll also be ship makers. We’ll learn about art and about glass but most of all, we’ll have fun, gelato and one special juice served only in Italy.

Venice’s Magical Sunset

What a way to explore Venice in the evening. On your private boat with a skipper and a guide, a bottle of Prosecco and the Venetian sunset. We’ll head to see it from the open lagoon, accompanying the day to its end and welcoming the evening. We’ll then head towards the Grand Canal, enjoying the lights shimmering on the water, the beautiful palaces full with orange lights of a late afternoon. Have a prosecco on board and get to taste some Venetian Cicchetti with a glass of red wine to crown your tour and welcome dinner.

Ombra & Cicchetti
In Venice, have an experience of what venetians do best - enjoy life. Start your tour with a light Prosecco and its best combined Ciccheto, the codfish. A cicchetto is a small pre-lunch or pre-dinner bite, which is accompanied by local wines called Ombra. Pass-on to a Spritz - the venetian cocktail that opens appetites for centuries, accompanying it with yet another great bite from the Venetian lagoon. Continue then to the red wines and learn about the Veneto region and it’s best tastings.

Make your Mask
Here in Venice, masks were not only used during Carnival but also for other occasions, Hiding, for instance. Learn about those occasions in a traditional way: making your own mask! Meet your personal assistant at the lobby of your hotel and be
accompanied to the most authentic artisan mask making artist. From Papier Machè start your mask and choose who you’d like to be and how to decorate your mask. Along with the artist learn the secrets of mask making in a fun way and get a
glimpse of what Venice used to be like in the 17th and in the 18th centuries. Take your mask with you to have a memoir of this eternal city.

Exploring the Venetian Lagoon
with your own private boat and skipper is one of the most beautiful tours of Venice. Meet your guide at the lobby of your hotel and together embark towards the islands of the lagoon. See antique fortresses and hear stories about how Venice was really built. Visit the island of Torcello with it’s magnificent Basilica and crown your tour with a lunch in a family restaurant in the fisherman island of Pellestrina.

Cooking Class in a Noble's Home
Enjoy cooking venetian specialties in a relaxed yet very elegant atmosphere. Meet your personal assistant at the lobby of your hotel and together walk towards a noble Venetian home. While enjoying the artistic scenes of Venice, start preparing some Venetian specialties, enjoying in the meantime a conversation over a glass of wine with your Venetian chef. Then, pass on to making the desert and the second dish and enjoy your full three courses lunch, sitted like a noble with 18th
century plates and silver cutlery. The meal is accompanied with different wines from the region.

Prosecco & Amarone
You will be met by your sommelier guide who will be taking you, like an old friend, through the exploration of some of the best italian wines. In fact, the Veneto Region produces some of the best existing italian wines and we are going to explore
them. Along with our private water limo and chauffeur, we’ll have a whole day of knowledge enrichment, tasting of great wines and meeting with winemakers. We will visit a Prosecco cantina and an Amarone cantina, meeting their producers
and we’ll taste at least 8 types of wine.

Vicenza & Wine
Meet your personal assistant at the lobby of your hotel and hop on your private boat to start your daily out of town tour. Explore Palladio’s beauty visiting one villa in the mainland of Venice, right before arriving to the city of Vicenza, that has inspired poets and architects for years. Visit, along with your specialized guide, the Olympic Theater, which is the first closed theater in the world. Admire its sculptures and its shape and continue to enjoy a great lunch around. After lunch, pay a visit to one of the best producers of wines in Italy, a small vineyard which produces the famous Amarone. Enjoy a taste of some other great wines from the region before you rejoin your chauffeur and head back to meet your personal assistant, who will take you in comfort back to your hotel.

Palladian Villas Excursion
Explore the Veneto Region, Palladio was the architect who changed the concept of architecture completely.
His buildings from the 16th Century are still a subject to University Thesis. Visit the area of Venice’s main land with a specialized guide who’ll take you through three of the most beautiful Palladian Villas and through a stroll in the city center of Asolo with its picturesque scenes. Your personal assistant will take you from the lobby of your hotel and, with a private boat, will hand you to your chauffeur and to your guide. Coming back from the day tour, you’ll be met again by your personal assistant and your private boat.

Dolomites & Cortina
Just a short drive from Venice and you’re in the most amazing part of the Dolomites, the italian mountains, world heritage and truly a breathtaking sight. Join your Alpinist guide in this active excursion. Climb the mountain to your own preference. By car, hiking, snowshoeing or climbing it. In this tour we balance beauty, nature and activity by visiting also one of the most picturesque and famous cities of the Italian Dolomites - Cortina, where traditionally art and money are seen till today. Whether in summer or in winter - the Dolomites always offer an unforgettable and fun experience.

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