Other ideas to add to your St. Petersburg tours after you've seen city's highlights

The Romanovs and Russian Royalty

History, Glitz and Glamor

Tzar’s and the Grand Dukes, the aristocratic families: mansions and palaces of the Vorontsovs, Sheremetévs, Golitsyns, Dashkovs, Dolgorykovs, Stroganovs, Yusupovs and many others to be seen on this tour. Visit to the Winter Palace is a must. Enjoy a Classical Show in one of the Imperial Theaters.


◊ Winter Palace

◊City tour "Palaces and Mansions"

◊ Yusupov Palace visit with Rasputin’s Chamber

◊ Classical show

Lenin and the Soviets

Revolutions and Communism

Russia, the land of revolutions and communism. Visit the legendary ship Aurora Cruiser, whose shot supposedly started the Russian revolution of 1917. Lunch in Leningrad restaurant with Soviet memorabilia. Visit the mansion of ballerina Mathilda Kshesinskaya – the first Lenin’s office. Visit Museum of Blockade, the heart breaking site.



◊ Cruiser Aurora

◊ Museum of Political History of Russia

◊ Museum of Blockade

◊ Lunch in “Leningrad”

Russian Arts

3 days of Esthetic Pleasure

Walk 65 rooms of Russian Museum filled with art. Next to 200 rooms of the Hermitage museum. Walk the city, where every view is a stunning photo opportunity and esthetic pleasure. Don’t miss the lavish baroque abode of Catherine the Great with its Amber room.


◊ Hermitage Museum

◊ Russian Museum

◊ Palace of Catherine the Great

White nights

Romance in St. Petersburg

This is the time from mid May to the end of August, when you can read the newspaper on the street at 3 o’clock in the morning. When there are more boats in the Neva river, than people on the streets. Do all the musts during the day time, like visiting Hermitage and Petergoff. Have a private “White Nights “boat tour after midnight. Do like the locals do - whistle under the bridges and sing. The widest one is 90 meters – it should be a long whistle. Visit the most elegant Pavlovsk palace, the only one were the spirit of the imperial family is still in the air.


◊ Hermitage Museum

◊ Petergoff

◊ Pavlovsk Palace

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