Ports of Call -  Sochi, Russia

Highlights of Greater Sochi

Departing from the pier, you will visit the Dendrarium to admire one of the most charming botanical gardens in Russia which extends over 30 acres. You can see unusual variety of trees and shrubs, fountains, basins, statues and peacocks around the place.

Your tour will then take you to the Sochi’s spa Matsesta, a recent seaside development. It’s name, “Fiery Water”, of Cherkess origin, is a reference to the hot sulphur springs that have been known here from ancient time.

A stroll here let you experience a great variety of opportunities offered to pleasure-seekers and holiday-makers from all over the former Soviet Union. After visiting Dendrarium your coaches will proceed to the Riviera Park. One of the most picturesque  sights of Sochi. There will be a photo stop at the “monument of the nurse and doctors” .

You will have 30 min stop near the centre of the city. Before your return to the ship, you will have a chance to stop for local handicrafts, and enjoy a beautiful drive downtown.

Duration:  4 hours.

Dagomys Tea Farm

Departing from the pier, your coach will take you into the hills of Dagomys, 13 miles from Sochi, Russia’s tea capital and a favoured holiday resort. You will visit one of the tea plantations – the most northerly in the world – and stop at the “isba” (farmer’s house) to enjoy a cup of this fragrant tea and  pie  before boarding your bus for the drive back to Sochi and your ship.

Duration:  4 hours.

Sochi Highlights and Stalin's Dacha

(a sightseeing tour with a visit to Matsesta Spa Complex and Stalin’s Dacha)

You will visit the most popular places of Sochi: the architectural ensemble of Zimny theater, the palaces of health – Sochi’s numerous spa complexes and health resorts, Matsesta Spa Complex and you make a walk through Stalin’s Dacha.

Duration: 4 hrs

Sochi from the Height of a Bird’s Flight

(a sightseeing tour with a visit to Akhun Mountain)

You will visit the most popular places of Sochi: “Riviera park” – the oldest park in Sochi, modern hotels and Matsesta Spa Complex. The hit of this trip is a stop at the Akhun Mount from which you can admire Sochi from the height of a bird’s flight

Duration: 4 hrs

The Russian Tea Tasting Ceremony in Wooden Tea Chalets

A trip to the northernmost in the world tea plantations with tea tasting and folkloric show.

You will be treated to freshly brewed tea, honey, the assortment of subtropical jam (fig, feijoa), Russian pies, local fruit and nuts. The tea tasting ceremony will be accompanied with an exciting folkloric show featuring the traditional Russian dances and songs.

Duration: 5 hrs

The Beauties of the Caucasus

An out-of-town excursion with a visit to a trout farm including lunch.

You will visit the river Mzymta valley, Akhshtirskii Canyon whose caves were inhabited by the prehistoric man. The excursion will be followed up by lunch with tasty dishes made of local trout

Duration: 6 hrs

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