Wine Tour to Mafra and Bucelas

"Wine and Nobility"

Half-Day Private Tour

Mafra Convent and Wine Cellar


This Half-Day Private Tour invites you to travel in time. Preparing you to taste a wine reference, on one of the Portuguese demarcated regions, we cross the countryside, providing an interesting perspective and contrast between the great city that we left behind, to enter on the rural Portugal . And on this option, we follow the steps of kings and artists that have chosen the traditional area of Mafra, to develop what is considered to be, a pure expression of the baroque style, that gain force on the walls and on the magnitude of the Convent and Palace of Mafra. The perfection of shapes, the careful option on the magnificent marbles that decorate and give the structure, are a small part of the 18 th century world that we invite you to visit and to live, passing through the noble way of life, to the religious orders option of simplicity. You'll find all inside this pearl of the European baroque. But not only from the stone and its careful work the man lives. Wine has always been a challenge to achieve perfection and it is one of the legacies that have survived the evolution of times and the contradictions of taste, expressed by modern eras. The wine lives. And not far away from Mafra, crossing the countryside, we'll find the vineyards that are the cradle, the seed of this delightful product at Bucelas Wine Region. Tasting, learning and contacting with this "art" are part of this tour that during a period of half-day, invites you to travel across historical references and to explore the genuine Portuguese Countryside, leaving us a fabulous heritage that we have not forgotten and, you'll not forget.

Note 1 : Mafra National Palace closes on Tuedays.

Note 2: As always, we'll pick you up at your hotel and we will return to it at the end of the tour.

Duration: 4 hours (morning or afternoon)

You can join this private tour with another half-day tour and transform it on a full-day, with more time and more interesting spots to visit.

Wine Tour to Sintra and Colares

"Wine and Meditation"

Half-Day Private Tour

Colares Wine Cellar and Capuchins Convent


Near Sintra, we open the doors to one of the most mystical convents that Europe ever had the chance of contemplating - The Capuchins Convent. The monks that belonged to the most humble branch of the Franciscans Order , devoted to poverty, have transformed the local rock, surrounded by exuberant green vegetation, to create what it's consider to be the smallest convent of all Iberian Peninsula. Visit and understand the votes of simplicity of these religious men and, you'll enter almost on one unwritten episode of a mystical story. But not only of the man work, are the pages of time written. The jewel of this region and of our tour - The Colares Wine - has its origin not far away from the small convent. Beyond the adversities of plagues that have destroyed many of the original Portuguese vineyards, just one region, only one wine was able to fight this adversity and keep its original identity. And so, the Colares Wine Region persists, keeping one of the most ancient Portuguese wines, which awaits you to be tasted and understood, on its originality and simplicity. Come and meet what is considered to be, the genuine Portuguese Wine.

Note: As always, we'll pick you up at your hotel and we will return to it at the end of the tour.

Duration: 4 hours (morning or afternoon)

Note: You can join this private tour with another half-day tour and transform it on a full-day, with more time and more interesting spots to visit.

Wine Tour & Cooking class in the Sado Region

"Wine & Gastronomy Excellency"

Full-day Private Tour


A wine and gourmet experience awaits you on this full-day private tour. Departing from Lisbon, we’ll cross the Tagus River, to meet the South region of Lisbon, more specifically on a more Mediterranean area, where the green starts to fade and, the plains gains expression.  And, on a certain point of this region, we’ll meet “Casa Ermelinda Freitas” a property of reference, not only because of the great quality and, responsibility that is accurate to the means of production, but as well, because this effort has been recognized around Europe with many trophies. And all based basically on two grapes: “Fernão Pires” and, “Castelão Piriquita”. The production process is understood, we’ll walk through the property to meet the vineyards and, the wine will be tasted, on the companion of local cheese and, Portuguese delicious sausages.  

From “Casa Ermelinda Freitas”, we’ll face one magnificent landscape view already at Palmela castle. The contact with this medieval monument provides the chance to view the Sado River mouth, facing the Atlantic Ocean and, the Troia Peninsula. A memorable and remarkable view.

From here, the time for another memorable moment approaches: a cooking lesson and, a gourmet lunch at “Quinta De Catralvos”. Besides providing this delicious moment – on the perspective of gastronomy but as well, considering traditional and, aesthetics elements – the wines will be a constant during your lunch. And only, certified wines from this region produced by Catralvos property. 

After the magnificent moment that you had minutes before, the departure to the small village of Azeítão is done. In here, one of the best national cellars is located – “José Maria Da Fonseca” cellars. Some of the most distinct grapes produced memorable wines, which in here, will be able to be tasted. The production process and, the cellars will be understood and, visited respectively. In here the grapes Castelão and, Moscatel Roxo grapes are “kings” and, the root of almost all products.

It is time do depart now. To cross the natural border that divides Portugal in North and, South – Tagus River -. To return to the point of departure but with the joy of a memorable experience.

NOTE: for those that are coming on cruises, having to return early to Lisbon, the visit to “José Maria Da Fonseca Cellars” should not be considered

Duration: 8 hours

Tour schedule: 9h30AM-17h30PM

Wine Tour to the Western Portugal

Óbidos - Bombarral - Nazaré

Full-day Private Wine Tour


This full-day private tour invites you to taste one of the best and, certified references of the demarcated Wine Region of West, at Portugal. Besides considering the wine tasting with local cheese and, sausages, the visit includes as well the visit to the grapes area and, the explanation regarding the process of conception.  A variety of wines produced on the sub-region of Bombarral, are an invitation to all of those that wish to travel through the flavors provided by the local Red & White Wines. 

Departing from Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, we’ll move towards West, entering in the rural region, living the urban society behind, to meet at first, “Quinta do Sanguinhal”, a familiar farm responsible for the production of some of the best local wines.  With the particular environment and, production conditions, the grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Aragonez and, Touriga Nacional gain their own identity on this region of Portugal developing an enchanting and, elegant wine. 

From this farm, after your first wine experience on this day, we’ll continue to the wonderful and, well preserved small medieval village of Óbidos, facing the opportunity to travel back in time and, to enjoy as well one local traditional drink “Ginginha”. This is cherry liquor tasted on a small cup of chocolate (one of the particularities of this traditional local drink).

The time for lunch is approaching and, we’ll continue on the direction of West, to meet the Atlantic Ocean on the small city of Nazaré. In here some of the best restaurants for fish and, seafood are options, exactly side by side with the beach, decorated with the deep blue of the ocean. After lunch, a small travel to the top of Nazaré, to a local promontory – Sítio -, where a magnificent landscape view awaits you. 

It is time to create a contrast between the traditional farm visited on the morning, with a new one, the “Quinta dos Loridos”, an aristocratic property, with a higher dimension, expressing as well excellent wines, based on possible grapes as Renoit, Merlot, Arinto among others. This visit completes a wealthy perspective of the West Region of Portugal. It is time now to return back to Lisbon, with a different flavor on our memories, based on the experience lived today.

NOTE: for those that are coming on cruises, having to return early to Lisbon, the visit to “Quinta Dos Loridos” should not be considered

Duration: 8 hours

Tour schedule: 9h30AM-17h30PM

Wine Tour to Évora and Reguengos de Monsaraz

"Wine and Historical Heritage"

Full-Day Private Tour

Évora and "Herdade do Esporão" in Reguengos


This Full-Day Wine Private Tour creates the opportunity to visit one of the most traditional and calm regions of Portugal , preserved by nature and by the man that always loved the Region of Alentejo and its heritage. From Lisbon , we'll departure to cross a "barrier of modernity", which on the end of an historical maze, will present a city - Évora - surrounded by walls, expression of Portuguese nobility ambition and local tradition. Romans, Barbarians, Muslims and Christians, they could have never shown their back to this city. They've all passed, they've all left their signature on local palaces, convents, churches, gastronomy and. wines! We'll visit the city, we'll have time to appreciate the local gastronomy, so different but so Portuguese. And then, the visit to a perfect example of how wine should be treated and, preserved at Herdade do Esporão. Taste the fruited, smooth, gentile wine of Alentejo and, delight the taste of centuries of careful dedication, on keeping and developing the fine art of Wine!

Note: As always, we'll pick you up at your hotel and we will return to it at the end of the tour.

Duration: 9 hours from 9h00AM-18h00PM

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