Meteora is a unique phenomenon - vast granite rocks soaring hundreds of feet up, many of  them crowned with 600 -year- old monasteries.  The site is unforgettable.

Cruise passengers can visit if from Volos Port



Inaccessible pinnacles of rock at Meteora served as an ideal place of refuge for medieval monks.  These monasteries offered the isolation sought for religious prayer and the safety from plundering bandits. Wooden balconies were built out into space, over-hanging vertiginous drops, and originally the only access was via net baskets, which would transport each monk up the straight rock by a rope pulley system.  Now a road leads close to the base of the pinnacle and steps have been cut into the stone leading to the monastery at the top.  Your guide  will  walk  you up the steps of "Megalo Meteoro", (meaning Great Monastery as it is by far the biggest and most impressive of all) pausing periodically to relate its rich history. The climb is well rewarded as you tour the interesting monastic buildings and admire the sweeping views of the low plains of Thessalis, as well as the neighbouring monasteries atop their pillars of stone that stand as mute evidence of man's endeavour to conquer nature.


Drive through Volos to the fertile, north-westerly plain of Thessaly on your way to Larissa, the capital of the province.  Then head west to Trikala, the very centre of Greece, through lush landscape.

Legends tell us that Volos is the site of Iolchis, the Kingdom of Jason who set off on his mythical quest, with his band of fifty Argonauts, to find the Golden Fleece.  This is also the site of the battle of Pharsala where Julius Caesar finally defeated Pompey.  Bring back some legends of your own during your visit to Volos and Meteora.


Approximately 9 hours


The drive between Volos and Meteora is approximately two hours each way.

Admittance into the religious sites requires attire that covers shoulders and knees.

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