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Half-Day Private Tour

Jerónimos Monastery, Belém Tower and Monument to the Discoveries


This half-day tour allows you to discover Lisbon, capital of Portugal, colonized by many civilizations along the centuries: Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors and finally the Portuguese after 1147. We will visit St. George Castle, including its surrounding quarter and Alfama, Lisbon's oldest quarter. This city is linked with the heroic deeds of the Portuguese maritime exploration, in the 15th and 16th centuries. This was the Age of Discoveries and the Golden Era of Portugal, transforming Lisbon into the opulent centre of a vast empire. Part of the wealth from these expeditions was used to build magnificent monuments in a unique Portuguese style: the extravagant Manueline architectural style, best typified in Jerónimos Monastery. Some of these monuments can still be seen, especially in the area of Belém.

But Lisbon has more than just monuments! We will visit also the traditional commerce zones of the city, with their 18th century buildings: the Downtown and the Chiado. In short, our tour includes all the best that Lisbon has to show!

There are senses that can only be felt in Lisbon. No one remains indifferent to its temperate climate, the characteristic sunlight and the excellent meals you can have here.

Duration: 4 hours (morning or afternoon)

Sintra & Estoril Coast

Half-Day Private Tour

Sintra National Palace and Historical Centre


It can be said that if you come to Lisbon, it is mandatory to visit Sintra and Estoril's Coast! If you are planning your trip to Lisbon we are sure that you've already seen some references to these places, when looking in tourism guides or tourism sites in the web!

Estoril Coast will always be remembered as a place of charm, having several attractions like its famous beaches and the pretty towns of Estoril and Cascais. About the town of Sintra and its natural surroundings, we can say that it is one of Portugal's ex-libris, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site! 

This tour will take you on a half-day journey exploring these traditional Portuguese towns. Starting at the door of your hotel one of our Tour Guides will drive you straight to Sintra where hundreds of years of history and culture await you. Doing a short walk in the old city centre you’ll find yourself surrounded by the old houses now converted into small quaint handicraft shops and traditional pastry shops. It will be time to continue to one of the highlights of the day: the Pena Palace. Driving around the mountain passing by amazing chalets and aristocratic residences you will reach the 19th century Pena Palace in the most incredible combination of architectural styles, colors and shapes that you will find in Portugal. 

After browsing through hundreds of years of history it will be time to relax by driving to the town of Cascais. Once a small fishing village only, this town managed to maintain its seafaring traditions combined with the aristocratic and royal presences of the late 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Passing through its animated town centre you’ll find the cosmopolitan life side by side with the Atlantic.

The return to Lisbon will follow a very special road named “Marginal” by the Portuguese running always parallel to the white sandy beaches and amazing 17th century fortresses starting at the town of Estoril with its famous casino. At the arrival to Lisbon you will still drive past the historical neighborhood of Belém getting close to your hotel for a deserved rest.

Pena National Palace and Cascais

Arrábida, Sesimbra, Palmela and Azeitão

Half-Day Private Tour



If there is a tour that we can consider as a true “sightseeing tour”, this one is for sure the best example of all. You’ll have the opportunity to know the zone of Arrábida's Mountains, one of the most beautiful spots around Lisbon. Once upon a time, someone said: ”If Paradise on earth exists, then it’s here for sure!”. So, why don’t you come to visit it?

But it’s not only scenery and sightseeing that make a tour…We will also visit the town of Palmela, where you will enter its castle and from its belvedere, you'll see Setúbal, its bay and the Tróia Peninsula. After this, we’ll visit in Azeitão, the wine cellars of José Maria da Fonseca where you can learn how the wine is produced and taste it at the end (closed on Sundays). Our journey follows to Sesimbra, where we can sightsee its bay from the castle of Sesimbra.

Note: As always, we'll pick you up at your hotel and we will return to it at the end of the tour.

Duration: 4 hours (morning or afternoon)


Half-Day Private Tour


This Tour gives you the chance to do a real “time travel”. You will explore the town of Óbidos, considered by many as a true museum, since it is famous as one of the most well-preserved medieval towns of Portugal. Because of its genuineness, it deserves for sure, your visit.

You will walk through its lovely typical streets, always with the company of our nice guide. It will be a moment that you'll remember in the future, for sure! Óbidos is an essential tour for anyone who visits Portugal and it is only one hour away from Lisbon.

You’ll understand why this village was a gift from our kings to their queens along the centuries! After the tour, please tell us if it wasn’t a good surprise for you...

Note: As always, we'll pick you up at your hotel and we will return to it at the end of the tour.

Duration: 4 hours (morning or afternoon)


Half-Day Private Tour


This tour allows you to visit Fátima and its Sanctuary, the site where Our Lady of Fátima appeared in 1917. Since then, millions of pilgrims go there to pay their promises, to pray or just to feel its mystical strength! The Sanctuary Square is so big that it can only be described by numbers: it can receive simultaneously 300.000 visitors and it's twice the size of St. Peter Square in the Vatican.

Duration: 4h30 (morning or afternoon)

Jewish Tour of Lisbon

Full-day Private Tour


This tour will allow you to discover the Jewish presence in Lisbon. It is a fact that the Jewish communities in Lisbon were in the past essential to the life in the city. Jewish people were the advisors of Kings and Queens, doctors and even some of the explorers, geographers and mathematicians that transformed Portugal into the wealthiest nation in the world in the 16th century. The tour will start with a general introduction to the Jewish presence of the city, followed by a nice walk in the city centre passing by the site of the1506 Jewish Massacre near the Church of São Domingos. The tour will proceed to the Castle of Saint George (with the best panoramic view of the city) and it will be from here that we will start to walk down one of the most well preserved Jewish Quarters in Portugal in Alfama.

After lunch we will continue our tour with a visit to the only Synagogue of Lisbon (Shaare Tikvá), passing by the Commerce Square- the square where thousands of Jews were forced to be baptized in the 15th century. Our last part of the day will be in Belém to visit the Jerónimos Monastery, masterpiece of the Manueline style and a tribute to the king that welcomed and protected the Jews that fled from Spain and then expelled them in 1496. There will be time for a last stop at the Monument to the Discoveries where you will have the opportunity to see the faces of Jewish men that participated actively in the Portuguese Golden Age of the Discoveries.

Duration: 8 hours

Tour Schedule: 9h30 - 17h30 (indicative only and adaptable)

Évora and Arraiolos

Full-Day Private Tour

Évora and Alentejo Countryside in Autumn


This tour invites you to know Évora, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage City, due to its excellent preservation along the centuries… We can even tell you that little differences exist between walking in Évora today or some centuries ago. This town has been developing itself without losing its primitive characteristics. That’s why it deserved this “prize” from UNESCO.

After leaving Lisbon, we will drive to Évora by the countryside roads of Alentejo, for a beautiful sightseeing tour by car. In Évora, we will have enough time to walk in its historical centre and “feel” the atmosphere of this town. You will visit its famous Roman Temple and its Cathedral from the 12th century. We'll have the pleasure to show you also the interior of Évora’s University, founded in the 16th century. Here, besides the possibility of admiring its architectural aspects, you will feel also the true environment of the Portuguese student youth. This visit is obviously different from the usual tourism programs. But this isn’t our only originality…When we were walking in Évora, we found an amazing contemporary handicraft studio and, we wish to “share” this experience with you. The artwork of the young and nice artist couple that owns this place and, that you can meet in their studio, is very original and because of that, they have already received many handicraft prizes! What is good stands out...and they are already referred in some international guides, famous for indicating the genuine spots of each country, like Lonely Planet. Their name is “Oficina da Terra” and we will visit them (Closed on Sundays). This is for sure an “off the beaten track” visit of our tour.

After Évora (where we’ll lunch), we will follow to Arraiolos, where you will meet the typical Alentejo village: the white immaculate houses with some blue or yellow stripes, the castle at the top of the village that keeps guard over the fields of Alentejo, the typical slow pace of its people that know very well the “art of living” and the embroiderers working in the streets making the famous and genuine Arraiolos carpets.

What we wish to offer you in this tour is, above all, the tranquility and a sample of the real Portugal, hidden very often by the crowded tours.

Tour Schedule : 9h30 - 17h30 (indicative only)

Also available on request Sunset Cruise in Lisbon on private Yacht or Speedboat.

All half-day and full day tours are customizable and private and can be modified

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