Lev Tolstoy itinerary from Moscow

Visit the house where Lev Tolstoy lived with his 12 children after he changed his way of living.

The Tolstoy family was one of the most aristocratic families in Russia and their ancestors trace back to approximately 100 years.

After Lev Tolstoy wrote the famous book Anna Karenina he changed is opinion towards lifestyle and moved together with his 12 children into the little house in a factory area in Moscow. The house was very simple and he brought up his children in the surrounding of the working class - still he sent them to the best schools in the city.

Everyone in the family had their jobs to accomplish in the house and Lev Tolstoy for example made his boots by his own hands – comparable to the boots of Peter the Great (on display in the Armory Museum in the Kremlin.

Visit this house full of history and learn more about the famous character of Lev Tolstoy and his family.

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