Full Day tour to Vladivostok

Pick up and drop off at the sea terminal

FD tour (actual duration 8 hrs), with lunch break

08:00 hrs - meeting with an English speaking guide tostart a half day tour of the city. The panoramic part of the city tour includes overview of the city’s main places

of interest: the Railway station and the Marine station; the Central square with the Monument to Defenders of the city; historical center of Vladivostok; the Nicolas

Triumphal Arch; the central embankment of the city; funicular and observation platform “Eagle Nest"; the city’s “Arbat” Street (walking street with popular

shopping area); an Orthodox Church (outside).

The second part of the tour includes a visit to C-56 Submarine Museum.

12:00 hrs - Lunch at the local restaurant “Porto Franko” (meals are at the clients’ own

account) with minibus/driver and guide on hold at full clients’ disposal

13:00 - 16:00 hrs – Continuation of city tour visiting the Russky Island across the Golden

Horn Bay and Eastern Bosporus strait by the two enormous bridges, the latter of which is

the largest cable-stayed bridge as per the Guinness Book.

Back to the sea port by 16:00 hrs. Drop off, end of the program.

Information for the Museum included into the tour:

Being the integral part of Vladivostok’s glorious history, the Pacific Fleet was a reliable guard of Soviet Union's Far Eastern sea borders during the Great Patriotic War and

significantly contributed to defeating the fascist invaders. The city has several monuments devoted to Russian seamen's heroism and selflessness: the Memorial

Submarine S-56 installed on the Ships' Quay is one of them. Upon its origin in 1936, the submarine S-56 was the first rank vessel equipped with powerful engines.

Having strong torpedo and artillery arms, high speed and self-sufficiency, such submarine was a dire threat to any enemy. In 1941, submarine S-56 became a part of the

Pacific Fleet, and a year later, it was sent from Vladivostok to polar region in order to increase Northern Fleet's war strength.

During the World War II the submarine passed two oceans - the Pacific and the Atlantic, nine seas - including Caribbean Sea, Sargasso Sea and North Sea, and scores of islands and

straits. Over this time it made eight military campaigns, carried out twelve torpedo attacks that resulted in sinking ten rival ships and damaging four more. Over three thousand depth

bombs were dropped on it, but the S-56 remained unsinkable. In the year 1975, to honor the 30th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the submarine was installed on the

pedestal of eternal glory

Why visit the RUSSKY Island?

Inimitable nature, blue sea, dozens of picturesque bays, majestic coastal rocks, wonderful beaches and a number of unique fortifications - all these are gathered on the Russky

Island, the biggest one in the Peter the Great Gulf and the nearest one to the Vladivostok mainland. Because of the proximity to the city and convenient

transportation the Island is the one of the most popular recreation places in the area. It was significantly transformed after APEC Summit that took place in here in autumn 2012.

On the tour you will see an international business center, where the summit was held, a students’ campus of the biggest educational centers in the Russian Far East, which actually

has united Vladivostok's four largest universities. To witness the historical past of the Island you will see one of the military bases constructed in here. The Russky Island played a huge

role in Vladivostok's history on the turn of the 20th century, when relations between Russia and Japan have worsened again and again over the centuries. Due to the Island's unique

location and its relief that is natural impregnable citadel, fortifications of the legendary Vladivostok Fortress were built here. Later the first observation station in the country was built on the

island and served for Vladivostok's protection from plague, cholera and other dangerous

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