Russia Tours

Karelia, Russia

Winter weekend in Karella3 days Day 1Arrival to Petrozavodsk in the morning. Piter Inn hotel Petrozavodsk (ex. Park I... more

Half Day tour to Vladivostok

Half Day tour to VladivostokPick up and drop off at the sea terminal HD tour (actual duration 4 hrs), NO LUNCH08... more

Full Day tour to Vladivostok

Full Day tour to Vladivostok   Pick up and drop off at the sea terminal FD tour (actual duration 8 hrs... more

Half Day tour of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia

PETROPAVLOVSK-  KAMCHATSKY option 1At a corner of the huge country, at the very edge of the world, the Kamchatka... more

Half Day tour to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia

Sakhalin Cruise ExcursionSakhalin is a very enjoyable place to live with many glorious days in summer, and a winter w... more

St. Petersburg and Karelia, Russia

Please be advised this is not offered as a stand alone package. It must be as an add on to an existing St Petersburg... more

Lev Tolstoy tour in Moscow

Lev Tolstoy itinerary from MoscowVisit the house where Lev Tolstoy lived with his 12 children after he changed h... more

Moscow special experiences

Moscow is a big cosmopolitan city of 12 million.It is diverse, powerful and seethes with pulsating energy and excitem... more

Sochi, Black Sea cruise excursion

Ports of Call -  Sochi, RussiaHighlights of Greater SochiDeparting from the pier, you will visit the Dendr... more

St. Petersburg Art Lovers Program

Art Lovers Tour of  St. Petersburg, Russia5 days/4 nightsDay 1 Welcome to St. Petersburg!Arrive in St. Pete... more

Gourmet Experiences in St. Petersburg, Russia

Vodka & Caviar  Where better to enjoy Russia’s most famous delicacy than the Angleterre’s Caviar Bar, with its ... more

Not your parents tour of Russia....

Other ideas to add to your St. Petersburg tours after you've seen city's highlightsThe Romanovs and Russian Royalty... more

Golden Ring, Russia

Private tours in Russia - Golden Ring of RussiaOnce upon a time, about a thousand years ago, lived the Ukr... more