Tour Greece with the only one Jewish guide/cantor!

The beautiful country of Greece, birthplace of western civilization and democracy, invites you to a sensational travelogue, the visit of the most ancient Jewish Communities in Europe, under the guidance of Mr. Haim Yitzchaki, an experienced multilingual cantor, specialized in the history of Jewish presence in Greece.

You will hear the history of the unknown Romaniote Jews and the Jewish presence in Greece which dated back to the 3rd Century BC (the oldest Jewish establishment outside of Israel) from the Jewish Community insider, the son of Holocaust survivor.

A fascinating journey to the Greek cities of Jewish interest exploring the coexistence of Jewish philosophy and Greek culture since the 3rd century B.C.E. It is tailored to all those who are interested in learning about the roots of the Jewish presence in Europe. You can choose one of the following suggested tours.

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