Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend Travel Cancellation insurance to protect your trip

Our estimate is that trip cancellation insurance will be approximately $ 20 per day determined by the type of tour.  If the claim is valid this would cover your deposits, cancellation fees and complete tour cost. The bottom line is that if you purchase trip cancellation insurance within the stated time frame, and it is a “covered” reason, your out of pocket cost will be the expense of the travel insurance.              Let us know if you have any questions. You can book it online. If you book, please advice your policy number.              Click below on icon to see Insurance information, or contact us for other plans. We have various plans for different families and budget

For booking with Travel Guard, please enter Agent Code 008671 (if asked)

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Why Should I buy Insurance?

Robert & Sharon K.  were traveling on a Caribbean cruise when Mr. K. Suffered a stroke. In a situation like this worldwide assistance is a tremendous comfort.  Travel Guard arrnaged for an air ambulance to transport Mr. K. from Nassau to Miami, which was the neares adequate medical facility. A ground ambulance took Mr. Keyes ot the airport to meet the plane. On board the plane was a registred nurse and a doctor. Another ground ambulance met that plane upon arrival at the Miami airport where Mr. & Mrs. K. were taken immediately to the hospital for treatment. Emergency evacuation expenses exceeded $4,300.00. These charges were paid by Travel Guard directly through their assistance network without money needed upfront by Mr. & Mrs. K.  The traveler recuperated later.

Sigrid G.  parted on a Hawaiian vacation. One day after her arrival to Kona, she experienced some chest pains. Ms. G. sought treatment at a medical facility in Kona and fortunately it was not serious. She did incure some $219.39 in medical expenses that Travel Guard did reimburse her for. "I was really sick and scared. Having Travel Guard insurance really helped." Judith M. was traveling on a rather expensive trip in the Caribbean. She had planned stops in San Juan, Barbados and Antigua. When she went to the airport in San Juan, she found no one at the airline desk for the airline she was confirmed for. They simply had ceased operations, closed their office, and could not be reached by phone. Judith had no choice but to purchase a new set of airline tickets at full fare to get her to her destination. She was paid full for the new airline tickets she had purchase by Travel Guard. 

Maria E. was traveling all around Europe on a tour with her mother. Three days into their tour at a hotel in Florence, Italy, one of their bags was stolen. When they discovered it missing, they called the police. They had paid total of $108 for additional tour protection with their tour. Their investment paid off. Travel Guard reimbursed them at a total of $1,260.06 to cover their lost items. "I was very pleased with how fast the claim was handled. There were a few sentimental items that just can't be replaced, but I am thankful to Travel Guard. 

Christopher S. while traveling in Germany had a backpack stolen form the Berlin train station. He was reimbursed $466.70 towards the tmes they lost thanks to Travel Guard. Mr. & Mrs. Collins were reimbursed $167.72 toward purchases of essential items because their bags were delayed and did not arrive with them to Hawaii. "We traveled through Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays and we purchased Travel Guard through them. We needed clothing and personal items while we awaited our luggage arrival. Thanks to Travel Guard we were able to at least get that money back". 

Mr. & Mr.s S. had planned the cruise vacation of their dreams. Everything was set and they thought they were all ready to leave. One day before their scheduled trip departure, Mrs. S. became quite il andwas hospitalized, needless to say their trip fell by the waysidewith no refund available through their cruise line. They were inside of a 100 percent Cruise Cancellation Window. Travel Guard reimbursed Mr. & Mrs. S. $2,938 toward trip cancellation expenses that could easily been lost had they not purchased Travel Guard Insurance.

Here are some examples and if the conditions are accepted or not (Yes/No)

Your Grandmother has pre-existing medical problems and her condition becomes very serious and you cancel.  Generally, NO,  condition must be under control 60 days prior to purchase of policy by taking prescription drugs or medication. But, with latest Travel Guard's policy, if you enroll within 15 days of your initial trip deposit, all pre-existing conditions are waved. 

You must cancel due to illness that you had when you purchase the policy but was not under control. Generally, NO,  condition must be under control 60 days prior to purchase of policy by taking prescription drugs or medication. But, with latest Travel Guard's policy, if you enroll within 7 days of your initial trip deposit, all pre-existing conditions are waved. 

You are going to visit your sister in New York. She calls and tells you not to come.  NO 

If an earthquake damages your business or your home. Yes If you must serve on jury duty. Yes 

Your business partner breaks her leg (business partner considered family member)  Yes 

You are unexpectedly busy at work and you must cancel NO Your flight is canceled due to mechanical reason (the airline must pay). Additional expenses are covered under travel delay however. NO 

Your flight is canceled due to fog or blizzard. (The insurance must be purchased before prediction). Yes 

Your house is sold and you must sign the papers (contractural obligation). NO

Your employer transfers you to a new city (business reasons). NO 

You break your leg. Yes You cancel your wedding . NO 

You changed your mind and decided not to go on your trip. NO 

Your sister  breaks  your leg and you must to take care of her. Yes 

Your traveling companion is stung by a bees and is in the hospital and you don't want to go without her.  Yes

A volcano erupts and you are unable to get to the airport due to ash. Yes 

You have a blood pressure and have been fine for several years because you take the medication Yes 

Your airline goes on strike on Christmas and you miss your cruise.  Yes 

You have a fire in the kitchen and you must cancel your trip to repair your damages..Yes 

You miss your trip because a chicken truck overturns on a highway (you are in the traffic back-up). Yes 

Your purse is stolen from you in the airport parking lot. You lose your passport, travelers checks, tickets Yes