Trip was wonderful, hotel was right in the center (Brown Hotel)  so we have walked to everywhere, that was the intention, especially giving the London's horrible public transportation, their polluting busses (but talking a lot about 'Kyoto protocol'), ant the horrible 'tube', we were only one in it and couldn't stay away fro people pressing at us or sitting 1 ft away on the opposite row.

Inside the hotel is very old, with shaking floors and windows facing permanent construction, but we managed to sleep with ears plugs and covered noses.  Otherwise, the restaurant and breakfast were great. My personal greatest impressions were a live Berlioze Requiem in St. Paul's, Concert in the Hyde park with Pavarotti and an Italian Singer which I fell in love with, and a 'Diana' tape I found in the records store, which I can't play as it was made by the 'English system'. 

Otherwise all went well, except I had to buy a new pair of sandals to walk. I have greatly enjoyed the weather as well, and have discovered that the rain there is not wet, as on a few occasions we were running though the rain, but my  jeans were absolutely dry after. 

Alla wants to add that after the tea at the hotel's 'tea party' that cost us $60 she is now abstains from tea.  Thanks for your help. Sam & Alla

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