Things went pretty smoothly. Bob took us on his "death marches" as my son affectionately calls them. In London on the first day we walked almost 20 miles! I was wishing I had my tennis shoes that day! 

In Prague I insisted we buy 3 day transportation passes so he would be forced to take the metro or trams because he had paid for them! He insists you get to know a city by walking, and I agree, but metro and trams have their benefits too!

Vienna was beautiful, but they seemed a bit hostile to Americans on occasions. One night we went to a beer garden off the beaten path, and they totally ignored us. We finally got up and left. We were able to see an opera in Vienna which was fun. 

We loved has such fabulous, old architecture and delicious, cheap beer. There were lots of American tourists in Prague...more than I expected. I would go back to Prague. The women there were not dressed as stylishly as Vienna, but I suspect it's because Communism restricted their trade for all those years. All European women are it because they don't always hop in a car, but rather walk places? As soon as we got back into America, I noticed the difference in weights. I enjoyed reading about Prague's history. 

We met an American man at our hotel who had a "mail order" bride from Ukrane with him.  The Hotel de France was lovely...nice air conditioned rooms, good breakfast. Thanks for finding that hotel. The Bohemia Plaza was nice also, but there was no air conditioning and the temps were in the high 80's. 

Again, thanks for helping us out on this trip. I only wish we could have stayed much longer. Could you please send me a card so I can keep it on file for our next trip. I'll e-mail a picture of us later so you can see whom you did all this work for.

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