Welcome to Matera and Basilicata

Basilicata is a yet untouched part of Southern Italy. It is also known as Lucania and it is home to some of the most beautiful towns, villages and scenery in all of Italy. One of its most treasured jewels is the city of Matera, the third most ancient city in the world and in 2019 it will become the European Capital of Culture. Matera is most famous for its remarkable cave dwellings (known as The Sassi) and thousands of visitors explore the many streets of this stone city every year.

Basilicata is a very special and unique place in Southern Italy and we believe that everyone in the world should have the opportunity to engage with its people, food and culture. That's why we recommend La Lucana. For six nights this experience will invite you to stay at a typical family-run Matera farmhouse, visit some incredible places, indulge in some fantastic food and engage with a range of wonderful and hospitable local people. La Lucana has been specially designed for English speaking travellers who wish to engage with an authentic side of Southern Italy. From tours with local historical experts to uncovering some of the secrets of Matera cuisine, this will truly be an experience you will never forget. We hope that after your time here is over, Matera and Southern Italy will always have a place in your heart and for sure you will always be welcome to return!

We have three seasonal tours depending on the harvest. All three enjoy the fresh pasta making lesson and local sites, wines and food.

Spring is fresh mozzarella demonstration among other delightful adventures.

Summer we can chill at the beach or visit UNESCO World heritage site and mountain towns.

Fall is olive picking and olive oil pressing.

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