Russian Winter Tour

St. Petersburg, 4 days/3 nights

Day 1 Welcome to St. Petersburg!

Arrive in St. Petersburg, Transfer to hotel with guide’s assistance.

Welcome dinner at hotel.

Day 2  Russian Winter in the City.

Breakfast at hotel.

City sightseeing tour.

In three hours of sightseeing you will see a host of memorable places that inspired travelers as far back as the 18th century to pronounce St.Petersburg the European capital of the East. The majesty of St.Petersburg truly comes alive in a panorama that embraces the city center. The vista of colorful mansions lining the granite embankments of the river inevitably brings to mind the city’s nickname of "Venice of the North". Winter St.Petersburg has its’ particular charm.

Visit to Ice Palace

Real palace in real size! An Ice Palace  - a copy of a famous ice house of the empress Anna Ioanovna. Its construction will take place in the Palace Square in the middle of January and its official opening is planed in  February.  The show of the Ice Palace leaves strange impression: magnificence and illusoriness, wastefulness on a background of poverty and association with very heavy time for Russia of rules of empress Anna Ioannovna. You will be able to drink vodka from the ice glass.

Lunch at the local restaurant “Demidoff”

Three halls of the restaurant boast the cosy and stylish interior. The antique porcelain working fireplace, the engravings with the views of old St. Petersburg make the classical interior of the White Hall unbelievably beautiful. Almost unique is the Russian Vaulted Hall with painted walls and the ceiling. Besides, there’s a separate Oval Cabinet with the antique clock. The menu is based on the old Russian recipes in the best traditions of Russia of the time of Peter the Great. There’re dishes that were served up to the famous Russian Princes, the Demidovs, the Sheremetievs, the Menshikovs.

Hermitage Tour

This is one of the world's largest art museums. Housed primarily in the Imperial Winter Palace, the exposition fills more than 350 halls. The enormous collection represents the entirety of Western European art, with rare works by Rembrandt, Rubens, Picasso, Matisse, and others. The museum also contains vast Egyptian, Prehistoric, Russian, and Oriental sections, as well ass contemporary-minded temporary exhibitions.

Dinner at “Na Zdorovie” Restaurant

The Tsars and the Soviet dictators may have gone, but you can still eat like one of them. The unique menu features: borsch with small rolls, excellent Siberian pelmeni and pirozhki-karasiki. Many dishes are prepared according to almost forgotten ancient recipes. The restaurant has exciting gypsy entertainment and a truly Russian experience.

Folklore Show at Nikolaevskij Palace

Picturesque dresses help to perceive each dancing piece more vividly and add to the atmosphere of national dances . Spectators of all ages and tastes will be able to appreciate not only the ability of the performers to convey Russian national colour on the stage, but also their highest skill, complexity of acrobatic feats and breath-taking leaps.The group has had successful tours in France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, China, Italy, Spain. Feel yourself Russian!

Day 3 Russian Winter in magnificent Tzar’s Residences

Breakfast at hotel.

Pushkin tour incl. visit to Catherine’s Palace and park . The palace-and- park ensemble of Tzar’s Village – a former suburban residence of the Russian emperors – is a fascinating monument of the architecture and gardening arts of the 18th and 19th centuries. The compositional center is the Catherine’s Palace where superbly restored interiors house unique collections of furniture, porcelain and much, much more. Tzar’s Village is the most favorite residence of all Russian Tzars. They lived here, arranged receptions and splendid balls, gave birth to their children and died.

Lunch at “Podvorie” restaurant

Most visitors are fascinated by the simplicity of the Russian wooden architecture and by the free and easy atmosphere inside. One cannot expect to find here the ornate features that are typical of classic restaurants. Instead, there is laughter, music, simple and hearty Russian dishes, bearskins and a spacious courtyard.

Russian open-air merrymaking. Troika rides, folklore show, competitions for making a snowman, burning fires and other outdoor winter activities will give you unforgettable sensations. Russian vodka & pancakes with caviar will make it even more exciting.  Pavlovsk Tour incl. visit to Paul’s Palace & park

Experience the spectacular scenery of the palace and park ensemble of the late 18th and early 19th centuries served as a residence for Tsar Paul I and his family. The surrounding grounds comprising one of the largest landscaped parks in the world enchant with their sloping hills, winding paths, and architectural surprises

Gala-dinner at one of the Palaces of St.Petersburg or at the local restaurant

Day 4 Goodbye St. Petersburg!

Breakfast at hotel, Transfer to the airport with guide’s assistance

 End of services

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